Low GWP equipment selection guide

A new document from Beijer Ref seeks to clarify what refrigeration equipment is currently approved as suitable for use with the new generation of lower GWP refrigerants.

The document provides concise background information on the lower GWP refrigerants which are now commercially available and widely accepted as the candidates to replace R404A in the immediate future.

R404A replacement refrigerants, such as R407A/F and R448A/R449A which have a lower GWP, offer a practical alternative but also present some problems of their own in trying to match all the necessary requirements of such a versatile refrigerant. The Beijer Ref document is designed to provide some clarity when it comes to selecting capital equipment, including evaporators and condensers, condensing units and expansion valves.

In addition, New Refrigerants & Selecting Capital Equipment offers a snapshot of CO2 equivalent charge sizes, the F-gas phase down, a general lower GWP replacement guide, oil compatibility, an introduction to R32 and A2L refrigerants and a reminder of F-gas leak checking and labelling requirements.