AREA guide “Equipment for refrigerants with lower (A2L) and higher (A3) flammability”

In the future we will see more alternative refrigerants to HFCs due to the EU F-gas Regulation and future international phase-down of High Global Warming Potential Substances. To lower global warming impact it is necessary to have a less stable molecule as a refrigerant, which means that the substance becomes flammable. The equipment and the tools for installation, maintenance and repair of future equipment containing flammable low GWP refrigerants need to be properly handled by competent personnel.

For the competence of the personnel, refer to the AREA Guideline: “Guidance on minimum requirements for contractors’ training & certification”, 2014.

This guide gives service technicians a tool to understand the equipment that should be used to service refrigeration plants containing flammable low GWP refrigerants in category A2L (lower flammability) or A3 (higher flammability). Please always refer to the manufacturer of your equipment for specific information regarding the category applicable for your tool.

List of refrigerants covered by this document:

  • Lower flammability A2L-refrigerants
    Low GWPHFOs – Mixtures HFCs-HFOs (R32, R1234yf, R1234ze, R444, R445A, R454A, and R454B…
  • Higher flammability A3-refrigerants
    HC – Hydrocarbons R290 (propane) – R1270 (propylene) – R600 (butane) – R600a (isobutane)

All these refrigerants are flammable at +20°C, with the exception of R1234ze, which is not flammable below +30°C.

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