Hydrocarbon refrigerants

Reducing energy consumption of air-conditioners

During the twenty-second meeting of the Conference of Parties on Climate Change in Marrakesh (COP22) last November, Didier Coulomb, director-general of the International Institute of Refrigeration, put pressure on the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector to improve energy efficiency and reduce HFCs, to meet the pledges of Kigali Amendment and the Paris Agreement to significantly reduce global emissions and energy consumption.

Alternative low-GWP refrigerants for transport refrigeration

140 papers were presented during the successful 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen conference on Natural refrigerants. CO2 was the most addressed refrigerant (74 papers), followed by hydrocarbons (34), ammonia (21) and water (4). We present below the summary of a paper along with the direct link where the paper can be downloaded in Fridoc database.