Mitsubishi electric - city multi r2 series


Room temperatures differ even in the same building, according to the amount of sunlight that reaches into the room and the direction the windows face. In such offices, Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi R2-Series Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System offers an ideal solution. In addition to controlling the entire building, the R2-Series simultaneously cools and heats different zones in the building. This means an optimum temperature can be set for each room according to the amount of sunlight it receives, the number of people who use the room, the number of electronic appliances that are used in the room, and other such specific conditions.

The R2 series is the world’s only 2-pipe system to offer simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery. By configuring the system perfectly, the recovered energy from server rooms or technical rooms, which needs to be cooled down throughout the year, can now be utilized, meaning that no energy is now lost to the outside air. Moreover, through the use of the Branch Circuit Controller, which is equipped with a gas-liquid separation function and a flow dividing function, differing phases of refrigerants are circulated between indoor units with differing demands, for effective energy recovery.Each individual indoor unit can be operated independently in heating and cooling mode.