Daikin to launch “invisible” VRV

First it went tiny with the mini-VRV, now Daikin has launched an “invisible” VRV air conditioning system.

The new VRV IV i-series has been designed for sensitive city and urban locations where space is limited and customers want an “invisible” air conditioning solution. It has achieved this by doing away with the traditional outdoor condensing unit.

Although not yet officially released, the Cooling Post can reveal that, in order to meet the most stringent planning permissions and noise regulations, the new i-series breaks from traditional designs by separating the compressor and heat exchanger. This allows the system to be installed discretely indoors and the “outside” unit to be placed close to the indoor unit, showing only the grilles from the outside. For maximum concealment, grille units can be hidden behind façade features such as pediments, logo or even incorporated into the building design …

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