Chiller shown using new R410A replacement

A US manufacturer exhibited a ductless air-cooled water chiller using Opteon XL55, a lower GWP replacement for R410A, at the 2016 AHR Expo which opened on 25 January 2016.

XL55, a Chemours refrigerant with an expected ASHRAE number of R452B, is seen as a competitor to R32 in the battle to replace R410A. It has been adopted by Multiaqua, a South-Carolina-based manufacturer of a range of residential and commercial air hydronic systems, in a chiller being exhibited at this week’s AHR Expo in Orlando.

According to Chemours, the new gas has a very similar GWP to R32 but with better efficiency, lower discharge temperatures and a lower flammability. In tests on a Trane chiller, XL55 is said to have exhibited better performance than both R410A and R32 when used as a drop-in …

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